5 Ways To Be Productive During Long Layovers

The people who travel a lot know how tiring the waiting can get. However, it may just be a general agreement that waiting is a harder but when you are stuck at an airport, waiting for a long flight to your destination, you almost come to a point where you start hating on the traveling trips. You can only use the phone so much and with the airport your only stay for a while, it is common to get bored. Moreover, with the excitement on the mind to reach the destination faster, one is bound to get a bit edgy. To refrain from such details from occurring, here are a few travel tips.

Carry a book

It goes without saying, a book remains your most loyal friend, always. The reason people say this, is because the books carry you to a world that is new and waiting to be explored. And in times like these, where your shadow is the only friend you can talk to and serviced apartments Manly are a mile away, you can always rely over a book to keep you sane and entertained.


While you are waiting on the flight through a long layover to get you going to the desired location, you can manage the mess that reeks from your computer. Organize the files and photos you have always left on hold because of the rather important you had to do before. Yeah, there is always something important. Kick that procrastination away and organize folders, you will thank yourself later.

Call someone

It may have gone out of fashion but hitting someone up after a long time, or just calling someone you adore can never be considered a waste of time. And who knows, that someone might just be waiting to hear from you, even if it is your mother.

Explore outside

If you are a victim of a layover, you can always explore outside of the airport. If you have never been to the city, you can take out an hour to discover the places nearby. An uber is not hard to call these days. The facilities lay at your hand, go out and grab a coffee while you walk around the landmarks you can explore.

Make your to do list

Find the time to make a list of the things you ought to have done a long time ago or the things you wish to do in the near future. There are always things that you get reminded of from someone else, and may be a part of your important routine. Your serviced apartment may not be the only sole source of comfort when you can arrange the things you need to do and find the satisfaction required.